Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Fly

On the highway down to Portland yesterday I felt a little something on my neck, and thinking that it was simply a piece of my dangling hair I touched my neck to swipe it away. I then relized that it was a little beetle, who somehow managed to find himself in a car traveling 65 mph. Perhaps he was hitchhiking his way down to a better art scene or cheaper real estate, but whatever it was we decided it wise to drop him off, not knowing much about his background, who he was. He could have been an ax murderer for all we knew. So I scoped him up in a styrofoam cup and sent him flying out the window. Perhaps he was able to find his way into another more willing car or truck, or perhaps he is stuck between here and there flying around aimlessly looking for a better life.

This post is dedicated to that beetle.

"This Academy Award winner animation by Ferenc Rofusz showed a magnificent new technic of background animation in its age back in 1981. Telling the story trough the P.O.V. of it was also a unique state of art from the Eastern-European block."

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